Wibson's Protocol

We present here two different components working together to achieve an efficient decentralized marketplace. The first is a smart contract called Data Exchange, which stores references to Data Orders that different Buyers open in order to show to the market that they are interested in buying certain types of data, and provides secure mechanisms to perform the transactions. The second is used to process payments from Buyers to Sellers and intermediaries, and is called Batch Payments.

Technical Documents


We construct a privacy-preserving, distributed and decentralized marketplace where parties can exchange...


We present a cryptographic primitive called WibsonTree designed to preserve users’ privacy by allowing them...


We are tackling the problem of trading real-world private information using only cryptographic protocols and...


BatPay is a proxy scaling solution for the transfer of ERC20 tokens. It is suitable for micropayments in one-to-many and...


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