Don't give away your data for free.
Make a profit.

Wibson is a blockchain-based, decentralized data marketplace that provides individuals a way to securely and anonymously sell validated private information in a trusted environment.

The Challenge

In today’s economy, data equals money. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean money for you.

Giant tech companies cleverly use the Internet’s underlying technical protocols to capture and control your personal information.


The Wibson data marketplace provides infrastructure and financial incentives for individuals to securely sell private information that is validated for accuracy, all without sacrificing personal privacy.

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Wibson is built on a core set of principles.

  • Transparency

    Individuals have complete visibility into how their data is being used.

  • Anonymity

    Identities are never revealed without all relevant parties’ consent.

  • Fairness

    Individuals can exchange access to data for value. Supply and demand dictate market prices.

  • Control

    Individuals maintain control over use of their personal information.

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Meet the team

  • Matías Travizano


  • Martín Minnoni


  • Geoff Baum

    CMO and Head of Product

  • Gustavo Ajzenman

    VP of Engineering

  • Enrique Muñoz Torres

    Product Advisor

  • Nicolás Della Penna

    Market Design

  • Martin Manelli


  • Daniel Fernandez


  • Cristian Adamo


  • Carlos Sarraute


  • Florencia Solovey


  • Aaron Foreman


  • Rodrigo Irarrazaval


  • Adrian Ertorteguy

    Marketing & Administration

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Alpha App & Wibson Points

How do I get the Wibson Alpha app?

The app is available through a wait list by clicking here. Sign-up there to be given a position on the wait list.  We will  send out download links gradually based on your spot in the  wait list. You can move up your position on the wait list by sharing the link to the app.

What can I do with the Wibson app?

Wibson Alpha is a mobile app deployed on a private Ethereum test network. We built the Wibson Alpha app to help us create the best experience for users to control and monetize their data. In this initial version, you can connect data sources, such as your Facebook account and mobile device location, monitor data requests, and sell your data in exchange for Wibson Points. During the Alpha phase, Wibson and our academic partners will be the only buyers of your data.

What are Wibson Points?

In exchange for using the Wibson Alpha app you may earn points. These points may be able to be exchanged for tokens in the future Wibson network, but certain conditions apply. Please be sure to read the Wibson Alpha Terms of Service in the app to understand all the terms and conditions.


Do you have a white paper and when will you release it?

We do have a white paper but we are keeping it confidential for a few reasons, most importantly that we want to keep the paper private while we develop the Wibson Alpha mobile app. We are sorry to make the community wait, but there are numerous scam projects willing to copy & paste what others put significant effort into. We will make the paper public in the near future.


Will there be a Wibson token used in this project?

Yes. The Wibson data marketplace will use Wibcoins to compensate consumers who provide their data to data buyers. Wibcoins are erc20 Ethereum tokens.

Will there be an ICO for Wibson tokens?

No. There is no ICO for Wibson tokens planned at this time.

When will the currency be issued?

We plan to launch our network this spring. Be sure to get the Wibson Alpha app now to earn Wibson Points, get on our email list, and join our Telegram group to stay up to date on our timeline.

Will Wibson be listed on major exchanges?

Yes. Wibson will be listed on major exchanges. We cannot say which exchanges at this time.

General Questions

If owning client data is in the T&C's of services I use how can I control my data?

It is in the ToS of most of the companies, that’s right. We believe that should change. The legitimate owner of >your< data is >>you<<. There are several ways to deal with this challenge. We recommend you  check out the GDPR in EU or the Cybersecurity Law in China, as two good examples of how things can change. 


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